Our Story, Our Promise

Hi, we’re Sean and Erica. We both share Japanese heritage, and we are incredibly passionate about Japanese culture.

In 2020 we founded Kita Skin with the realisation that not enough is being done to share Japan's amazing skincare philosophy and culture with the rest of the world.

Centuries of Innovation

Japan has been at the forefront of skincare science and innovation for centuries, but its self-sustaining culture has lead to many of their advancements staying mostly within the nation's borders. We're on a mission to change that.

Kita Skin stands to represent the unique philosophy that has guided Japanese skincare culture since the beginning, and it all starts with our products.

We're on a mission to share Japan's gentle, hydrating and nourishing you-first approach to achieving your best skin ever.

Introducing the Mochi Skin Aesthetic

Mochi Skin gets its name from the soft, plump and bouncy texture of Japan's iconic Mochi dessert, and is all about achieving that same texture for your skin.

But, Mochi Skin is much more than just deliciously soft, plump and bouncy skin. It embodies the philosophy that has shaped Japanese Skincare culture from the very beginning, making Mochi Skin attainable by everyone.

The Japanese Skincare Approach

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